GRBL Controller, Elektronisk Combo til WorkBee CNC Fræsemaskine, Desktop, DIY CNC-kit, Træmaskiner Router, Gravering Machine

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GRBL Controller,

Elektronisk Combo til  CNC Fræsemaskiner.

Desktop, DIY CNC-sæt.

- For Machine Size 500x750mm, 750x750mm, 750x1000mm, Please order "GRBL-S" Version

- For Machine Size 1000x1000mm, 1000x1500mm, 1500x1500mm, Please order "GRBL-L" Versionaskiner Router, Gravering Machine

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This GRBL (Compatible) Controller Add-On Pack.


all the cable wirings,

E-Stop Switch Kit,

Limit Switch Kit you will need for your CNCMachine!

Pakken Indeholder:

4 x 4 Core Shielded Cable (use for X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis and A Axis)

3 x 2 Core Shielded Cable (use for X Axis, Y Axis, Z Axis)

1 x DC Power Cable

1 x Ground Wire 4 x 4 Pin Dupont Wire 3 x 2 Pin Dupont Wire

4 x Terminal Block (5 Pole)

3 x Terminal Block (2 Pole)

1 x E-Stop Switch + E-Stop Cable

3 x Limit Switch Kits ​UNO R3 GRBL Controller Kit:

1 x Arduino(Compatible) UNO R3 with USB Cable

1 x CNC shield 4 x Stepper Driver - DRV8825

1 x Fan - 40x40 24V

1 x MEAN WELL Power Supply - 24V 350W ​ ​

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